Our Troubled World…

Total Eclipse SunDr. George Blau

The news is so depressing these days that you have to look pretty far sometimes to see the bright side. This last week, however, the bright side came to some of us in North America in the most contrary way possible – darkness at mid-day from a total eclipse of the sun.  This time-lapse photograph was taken by Dr. Blau, a retired Professor, through the crystal clear Rocky Mountain sky.  Enjoy more of his excellent photography at on his web site. – Ed.

One thought on “Our Troubled World…

  1. Speaking of looking pretty far — a billion miles (10 Astronomical Units) — in order to see the bright side, I recommend visiting NASA’s website for news of the Cassini/Huygens spacecraft and its 20 years in space exploring the planet Saturn, its spectacular rings, and many intriguing moons: a miniature solar system in itself. The spectacular end of the mission will come on September 15th when the marvellous machine enters Saturn’s atmosphere and burns up, sending back scientific data until the very last moment. Not bad, humans. Not bad at all.

    See: Saturn Plunge Nears for Cassini Spacecraft

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