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About The Contrary Perspective

Neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism and just plain warmongering and conning the people are the common commerce of politics and the media in our country.  While the mainstream media has become an echo chamber reverberating with policies and viewpoints advocated by political, military, and economic elites, and the Worldwide Web is overwhelmed with entertainment and commerce, The Contrary Perspective (TCP) is a place where we try to ask the hardest questions about our lives and our leadership.

Our vision at TCP is simple: PROVOCATIVE VIEWS ON POLITICS, SOCIETY, AND THE STATE OF HUMANITY.  We seek to chart a new course forward for America.

Although we ask provocative questions, our goal is education, not provocation.  How can we really understand the hegemonic policies of the U.S. military or the sheer inanity of the U.S. political process if we are not willing to step back and ask probing questions?  TCP is here to help you ask – and answer – those questions.  To that end, we encourage active and civil debate.

If you feel strongly about a topic and have a contrary perspective on it, send your draft article to the editor: editor@contraryperspective.com.  If accepted, we reserve the right to edit pieces for length and content.  We look to provoke thoughtful debate, not our readers’ ire or resentment at perceived abuse or offhand slights of race, gender, nationality, etc.

Help us to build an alternative voice that is truly contrary to the “conventional wisdom” that is leading our civilization so far astray.  To readers and thinkers everywhere who like the cut of our jib, welcome aboard!

The Contrary Perspective Team

11 thoughts on “About Our Site

  1. the story about the f35 and lockheed martin being $163 billion over budget is just the tip. what if they are not over budget? what if the money is just being used for other things?

    • It wouldn’t be surprising to discover rather large “black holes” of so-called “classified” funding for what principled people would call nefarious, or, at best, dubious “projects” or “operations”. An ongoing audit of Pentagon expenditures (a rather large sum over the previous decade or so was unaccounted for) was short-circuited in 2001. Do we need mention CIA drug money?

  2. I discovered “the contrary perspective” because I follow TomDispatch, appreciated a contribution by William Astore, & was fortuitously curious to Google Bill’s name. I found myself immersed in the perspective for the next hour or so, am now “following”‘ & express thanks for such a well-put-together site. Such insightfully “provocative” commentary is a rare find. Peace.

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  4. Hi, Bill . . you likely don’t remember me . . we had a discussion with Richard Sahn a few years ago, in a coffee shop called ‘Stellas’ . . I have an idea for a 1-man march on wash dc to highlight the stupidity of congress passing a law to keep VA doctors from even TALKING about the benefits of med marijuana as if we were CHILDREN . . hence the idea of a new, peaceful ‘Childrens’ Crusade . . a march on DC by disabled veterans and anyone who choses to stand with us . . please let me know what you think of this idea . . Tom Felton

    • Hi Tom: I remember you quite well. Your idea is a good one, except that it comes up against a Congress that is either too cautious or cowardly on issues such as this. Prescription drugs marketed by major pharmaceuticals — vote Yes! But marijuana that you can grow yourself and that offers relief — vote No! Yet another issue driven by lobbyists and money and fear.

      I wish you luck — you’ll need it. Best wishes, Bill

  5. My e-mail server comes back with this message when trying to contact your editor:

    “The recipient’s domain contraryperspective.com was unreachable or isn’t accepting messages.”

    Has the address changed?

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