A Bonfire of Vanity, or How to Dress for Tragedy

FLOTUS - FLOAT USb. traven

When our Commander-In-Chief heard that there was an epic water event happening in Houston Texas he told his model wife, Melania, to dress for the event.  They seem to have expected a full naval welcome, stepping out of the plane in their best yacht-club outfits.

The Commander sported Navy dress-white-inspired pants, with a matching shirt and a dark blazer – just like the ones he has worn to New York Yacht Club events. Melania, ever the fashion-conscious model, showed off her skin tight pants with a figure-revealing blouse, topped off with a saucy hat.

To celebrate this epic water event, Melania slid on her favorite six-inch stiletto heels, the better to keep her feet dry during the festivities. At a later stop in Corpus Christi, Melania changed into a more practical, black baseball-style hat, that clearly spelled out her role as First Lady. (Though, with English as a second language and as the picture below suggests, some of the nuances of English spelling my have eluded her…)  Still, what panache!

FLOATUS FLOTUSThe commander also donned a white baseball-style hat with his company’s name emblazoned on it, “USA.”.

If you fancy one of those nifty head coverings, just click over to the Trump store and for a mere $40, before tax and shipping, you can have one too.

Television showed thousands of people carrying their precious few possessions, like babies, through chest-high water to celebrate this epic water event.  Texas gushed with relief and pleasure at the arrival of the Commander in Chief.  Now blessed with his presence, a little bit of rain was transformed into an epic milestone on the road to making America great again.

7 thoughts on “A Bonfire of Vanity, or How to Dress for Tragedy

  1. Excellent commentary, traven! I just posted my personal epiphany on Facebook: The volume of water in Houston is a perfect metaphor for Trump’s E-G-O. Both phenomena will just keep expanding until they meet some opposing force. The moment he uttered early in the storm that Texas would recover in a jiffy and everything would be “Fantastic!” I knew Texas was in for a true disaster.

    • Besides totally ignoring the victims of this catastrophe during his “photo op” trip and keeping his white pants out of the mud of the flood he has shown his dictatorial bent by giving a million dollars ( probably tax deductible) . As though that ego act is more important than acting as a President and seeing that congress budgets the BILLIONS that will be required for reconstruction and relief to the beleaguered citizenry of Houston..

      • Today’s (Sep. 1) headlines indicate Congress is working on an initial relief package of less than six billion dollars. Latest estimate of damage: possibly to exceed 100 billion! (That’s $100,000,000,000.00, folks.) Annual US military/intel budget, if all the “black ops,” etc. were factored in, is around ONE TRILLION DOLLARS these days. THERE’S a disaster for you! For every living being on the planet, in fact. The US “national security” apparatus is the biggest consumer (waster) of fossil fuel products, and thus the biggest single POLLUTING entity on the planet. Utter, utter insanity.

      • The Trumps are back on the ground in TX today (Sep. 2), this time supposedly condescending to meet survivors face to face. Also known as ANOTHER CHEAP PHOTO-OP. May I revive an old expression? GAG ME WITH A SPOON!

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