BREXIT, Don’t Trust The Political ‘Elites’ in Britain or Here

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The Contrary Perspective was probably the only media to run a thoughtful article on the British vote. And that includes not just the MSM but the alternate media like RSN, Alternet, The Nation, Huff Post etc. The comments on the story, by our English contributor, Alex Dunn, and our foresightful editor, Stuart Lyle, now living in England, showed a wide range of American opinion.

In the run up to the Brexit vote there was virtually no American media that gave our citizens a ‘heads up’ on the possible repercussions to our country of a British exit from the EU. Only after the unprecedented 500 point drop in the New York Stock Exchange on Friday did it become a story. Our media has it’s head so far up its behind that the story just did not exist.

But let’s stop looking at our navel and examine the tremendous fallout that this momentous decision will have in the UK (all of which will be again virtually ignored by the MSM in favor of commenting on how it will effect Trump’s campaign).

Scotland may secede from the UK. That’s big news. Scotland voted about 65% to stay in the EU. With the UK leaving the EU, Scotland, whose vote to leave the UK less than two years ago failed based on promises from Cameron, the British Prime Minister, and the threat that leaving the UK would force them out of the EU, now have a clear-cut reason to change partners – from the UK back to the EU.

Another story not being told by the MSM is the reason that PM Cameron resigned so quickly after the vote.  Cameron alone made the decision to hold the referendum in order to win a few votes in the recent election campaign from the far right wing UKIP party who were pushing “exit” to keep migrants out of England. He made that decision for his own personal ambitions, not for the welfare of England’s citizens.

Unfortunately we see this same selfish reasoning from both the Republican and Democratic Party leaders in our government. The vote for “exit” in the UK must be put alongside the vote in the Labor Party for Corbyn, the Bernie Sanders of England, as a vote against the smug party elites who have ruled Britain under Labor’s Tony Blair much like Hillary Clinton’s, as “elites” out of touch with “the people.”  Trump represents the same backlash against the Bush family and the corporate Republicans.

Cameron exposed his country to the fallout from “exit” for his personal political gain not for the country, and we see both of our current Presidential candidates and their party backers following the same course: “me first, then the country.”

They will give away our crown jewels to get elected.

25 thoughts on “BREXIT, Don’t Trust The Political ‘Elites’ in Britain or Here

  1. Global Research did an article on Brexit which was pretty good. Am waiting to see what comes from RT or Al Jazeera or other media abroad.

    I think the focus on the Right Wing in Britain was part of the ploy to convince people to stay in the EU. That tendency is not that strong, just getting loud and with more press. Another distraction; a marking ploy, propaganda. What needs to be discussed it the ultimate goal of the EU and its control by the US. The New World Order movement by the elites was defined decades ago, coming out of WW2 I believe. The push has been consistent, always anti-humanitarian, anti-the people. Tax the people to pay for the wars of the rich; tax the people while the wealthy pay none (or very little); Destroy supports for labor, destroy pubic education and other social safety net programs like Social Security, Welfare, etc. The US has been pushing this agenda via austerity programs as in Greece. They have been doing this for years in Africa via the IMF and World Bank. It is taking a lot longer than Hitler’s Nazi Putsch, but it is much easier to move 1 step at a time and talk about the moves as isolated little changes and the press is the mouthpiece of, by and for the 1%.. It is much more successful.

    I am not saying I agree with this, but some people are saying the killing of the UK legislator was a False Flag operation. What I can say is the number of False Flags seems to be increasing and they do work to scare the public into accepting increasing destruction of our civil liberties and creating/maintaining great divisiveness among the people.

  2. We have crown jewels after the great crash of 2008? We have a crown after Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, and Ukraine? “They” will certainly get elected. “They” always do in America. But they already emptied the cupboard — of national treasure and national reputation — long ago. Stand by for Gotterdammerung 2016: The Twilight of the Girls.

    Or just:

    Another Catastrophic Success

    With their tails tucked proudly ‘tween their legs,
    Advancing towards the exit march the dregs
    Of empire, whose retreat this question begs:
    “No promised omelet? Just the broken eggs?”

    Michael Murry, “The Misfortune Teller,” Copyright 2011

  3. “traven”–I think perhaps the Bill of Rights in our Constitution was this country’s Crown Jewels. The UK has no equivalent document, as I understand it. And I think we all agree here on TCP that the Bill of Rights was flushed down the crapper in the post-9/11 hysteria.

  4. Michael. We still have a tarnished and diminished Constitution that both Clinton and Trump are ready to further eviscerate in their appeal for votes from the hungry dogs of war..

    • “traven”!! Now things are really getting “misplaced” on this site! It was I, not Mike, who commented on the Bill of Rights!

      • Walter–For the record, at closing bell the Dow Jones Industrials Average closed down 3.39% on Friday. Far from a record in terms of points move or percentage move. The Nikkei 225 Index in Japan, interestingly, fell more than twice as much in percentage terms.

        I now break my tradition of not posting links to other sites with this link to an analysis on the Gold-Eagle site, penned before European or US trading got underway Friday:

      • Walter.. I looked through some sample half million dollar portfolios today to answer your implied question. Sample 1. held 5 stocks. Two of the fine showed $140,000 gain yet even with that 3% drop in the Dow the portfolio showed a 10% loss for the day. Three percent or $500 is generally considered a BIG drop and a turning pointing to trouble ahead.. .

      • traven. My school board raised taxes 3% this year, as it does most years. Anyway back to Brexit, the following link – I don’t like doing links, but this one is so powerful – explains why it prevailed, and why EU is coming apart:

        If nothing else, listening to the Queen’s English for six minutes, is worth it.

      • Greg.

        Read the report. “Short positions in gold,” now that is something. Back to traven’s 3%, our financial systems are houses of cards built by elites. Negative interest rates are proof of it, and far more telling than Brexit.

        Good luck Boris, you’ll need it.

  5. It’s interesting that older people (50+) voted to leave whereas younger people voted to stay. How much of this is driven, not by economic concerns per se, but by anti-immigrant bias and nostalgia? Is this about “making Britain great again” by rejecting the multiculturalism of British liberals?

    Nationalism is on the rise, whether here or in the UK and elsewhere, driven by fear and resentments, and stoked by opportunist politicians who promise to turn back the clock to a better time.

    One thing Brexit shows me: Trump can still win in November. Just think of his opponent, as clumsy and disliked in her own way as Cameron is in the UK.

  6. Bill A.–Xenophobia, in the guise of nationalism, is indeed on the rise and has been for some time. This phenomenon accompanies prolonged financial crises. Hitler’s rise began as Germany reeled in the wake of its World War I defeat. The “geniuses” at central banks cobbled the world back together with spit and twine after the 2008-09 crisis. In the US we’ve been spoonfed the illusion of “Recovery” on Obama’s whole watch, while real wages have gone nowhere in, what, two decades?!? Throw in the ever-rising cost of healthcare and reality for the 99% doesn’t look very pretty. Literally trillions of new “dollars” have been thrown into the financial system, only to be hoarded by the banksters. There is so much of this “free money” (but not for us little people!) that it’s being invested in paper issued by various governmental entities at NEGATIVE interest rates! Is this not the ultimate financial insanity, literally paying to have your money held in instruments that used to PAY interest to the holders?? If banks can’t find new business start-ups to which they feel comfortable lending money, confident they will make money ultimately on the loans, what does THAT say about the health of the economy?!? Instead of expanding economic activity in a way that generates decent-paying jobs, the powers that be have pauperized the working class by converting full-time to part-time jobs with reduced or zero benefits. And naturally the demagogues arrive on the scene and point their fingers, shouting “It’s the fault of THOSE people!!” Right now a very loud demagogue has his sights set on the White House and has a very real chance of winning it. Unfortunately his opponent, our default “savior,” can offer only more Business As Usual. I am simply filled with revulsion at the whole situation.

  7. Here is an article that poses a different perspective on Brexit besides the standard one of racism and nationalism:

    This article focuses on racism & nationalism but also critiques the EU as undemocratic and impoverishing of people

    And from another perspective involving Julian Assange:

    So here are 3 articles that focus on bigger and more structural issues along with the Global Research article which I cannot find right now. The progressive left is speaking out and is very clear that the EU carries much blame for its antagonistic and undemocratic protocols which bring much harm to the general public in Europe as well as the core interest of controlling the world’s wealth.

    • Before I peruse any of the articles linked to here I just want to note that CNN (for what THAT’S worth!) has an online headline (early afternoon, 6/25 Eastern US Time) indicating EU leadership is taking the attitude (paraphrasing) “You voted to leave, UK; we want you to accelerate your departure!” We’ll see how quickly the tangled webs of trade agreements and the like can be undone. If other nations want to vote to leave the EU, I say more power to them. The benefits of EU membership, it seems to me, constituted a trickle-down situation. The primary benefits, as always under Capitalism (I hope this statement won’t shock anyone!), go to the elites. Freedom to cross all borders without a cop saying “Papers, please! Let me see your papers!”? That benefit for travelers is on thin ice due to terrorist attacks and the flood of refugees from the mess the US created in Syria/Iraq. As for peace on the Continent, where is the EU Army? There is no such thing. NATO is the dominant military power in the region, under the control of the US. The EU arrangements NEVER guaranteed peace. Tearing up treaties becomes a very easy matter when a nation’s leadership (as distinguished from the citizenry) is hell-bent on committing aggression. The world’s been spinning on its axis a long time. It did so before the EU was founded and will continue to do so for a long time should the whole EU structure dissolve like a morning mist under assault from the sun.

  8. As an aside, Trump’s response was priceless. The fall of the British pound, Trump noted, will help his golf course in Scotland! Plus Britain is taking its country back! Except that Scotland voted to remain in the EU by 62% and may now vote again to leave the UK.

    Trump — Is everything about him?

    • Bill A.–Um, well, uh…is YOUR name or MY name in big letters on those shiny, towering luxury residential skyscrapers? Of course it’s all about The Donald! He’s “the man on the white horse,” you see, come to solve all our problems. Gosh darn it, that’s downright magnanimous of him, isn’t it?!? This would-be Emperor thinks he’s decked out in the finest new clothes and it’s awfully rude of us to point out to him that his glaring flaws are on full display!

      • Good point. But in consistently trumpeting his own selfish agendas, Trump truly does trump himself. There, I said it, bad pun and all.

        Trump as a public servant? He will be the public and we will be the servants.

  9. Written ten years ago in 2006, but just as relevant today: the unfolding saga of America reducing itself to passive intellectual incarceration, mesmerized by the moving colored images emanating from a glowing television screen; like the island aboriginal Boobies cut off from the world’s cultural mainland; like Plato’s prisoners kept underground who can only see shadows dancing on the walls of their cave and not the marionettes and puppeteers on the elevated stage behind them who produce and cast the shadows that they mistake for reality. In the accelerating economic insecurity enveloping so many Americans today, we can see the usual and historic:

    Boobie Top-Down Class Warfare
    (from Fernando Po, U.S.A., America’s post-literate retreat to Plato’s Cave)

    It happened back in Vietnam
    Some two score years ago
    When those within the upper class
    Declined to serve, and so
    They coined Selective Service to
    Select who wouldn’t go

    They called themselves the brightest and
    They called themselves the best
    And then they sent their countrymen
    Into a hornet’s nest
    But not themselves, of course, because
    They’d passed the privilege test

    These parents of a George and Dick
    Thought Communism bad
    But worried that some other lands
    Would find it not as sad
    As slaving for the rich ones whose
    Rank greed had made them mad

    So sympathizing with the rich
    No matter what they did
    The parents of a George and Dick
    Sent someone else’s kid
    To fight the dreaded communists
    No matter where they hid

    But not their George and Dick, of course,
    They couldn’t spare the time
    And Vietnam seemed far away
    Immersed in war and grime
    An atmosphere too turbulent
    For orchids in their prime

    These studly hot-house orchid types
    Worked hard to dodge the light
    Their parents helped them jump the line
    To keep them out of sight
    Arranging for deferments that
    Would keep them from the fight

    And so the years of war went by
    And communism won
    Which had exactly no effect
    On those who had the fun
    Of skipping out and turning tail
    To take off on the run

    Soon Vietnam recovered from
    The blasting it had got
    And communists turned businessmen
    To hatch a common plot
    With those who liked cheap labor
    And cared less why some had fought

    Still some remained embittered by
    The waste made of their lives
    And swore they’d never live again
    Like worker bees in hives
    Content to feed the rich who dined
    With sharpened forks and knives

    But Boobie schools taught only fraud
    And fiction to the young
    With fantasy and fables coined
    To see the truth unstrung
    Till history became a fog
    That never bit or stung

    On schedule, Boobie Dick and George
    Found Politician Town
    And learned that pandering for votes
    Could win some safe renown
    Affirmatively actioned up
    They never could fall down

    The millions seemed to flow their way
    And stuck to them like paste
    They spent what others raised for them
    With no thought for the waste
    Since someone else’s money had
    The sweetest sort of taste

    They made a deal between themselves
    To do a pantomime
    With Dick to do the thinking while
    George mouthed a lisping rhyme
    And so with the Supine Court’s help
    They grabbed for our last dime

    The Boobie George then tripped and crashed
    Into this truth sublime:
    That Boobies hated freedom and
    Considered it a crime
    Dick told him then what he should do:
    Just work them overtime!

    With not a moment left to think
    The Boobies wouldn’t know
    Where all their beads and shells had gone
    Or why they couldn’t show
    A single thing as evidence
    That they had labored so

    Once George and Dick gained access to
    The treasury’s largesse
    It hardly seems surprising that
    It soon contained much less
    A fact which few observers seemed
    To think of with distress

    But “stupid is as stupid does,”
    The stupid do and say
    Confronted by a wealthy thief
    They genuflect, then pay;
    With eyes and minds shut fast like that
    They make such tempting prey

    Michael Murry, “The Misfortune Teller,” Copyright 2006

    Ready for some long-overdue bottom-up class warfare, class? “If not now, when? If not us, then whom?”

    • The efforts in USA to see minimum wage raised to $15/hr.* has all the markings of a COMMUNIST CONSPIRACY!! Call the House Un-American Activities Committee to session! Ahh, the nostalgia! :-)

      * Of course, by the time this could (hypothetically) be achieved, the rising cost of living will still leave folks at that level in poverty.

    • TO THE RAMPARTS CITIZENS.! Mike.. a fantastic call to action in poetry. You do have a way with words.
      Thank you so much for that heartfelt poem.

      • traven — thanks for the kind words. I’ve written much more in that general vein, but if you want a truly revolutionary, working-class anthem in verse, I don’t think anyone can surpass Percy Shelley’s Mask of Anarchy, especially the following stanza, which occurs twice in the poem:

        “Rise like lions after thunder
        In unvanquishable number.
        Shake your chains to earth like dew
        Which in sleep had fallen on you.
        You are many, they are few.”

        Of course, the police in Philadelphia and Cleveland have already had someone read Shelley’s poem to them. Consequently, they’ve lost no time in “visiting” the homes of those persons suspected of planning or attending demonstrations at the Democratic and Republican party conventions. The few have no sympathy with, nor any desire ever to permit, the gathering of the many. Assembled numbers terrify and infuriate them. So we shall see how many American citizens wind up in chains — i.e., handcuffs — later this summer for expressing their anger and dismay at the unpalatable “choices” offered them.

        For my own part, I wrote another episode of Fernando Po that I meant to accompany “Boobie Top-Down Class Warfare.” I got the idea, obviously, from reading The Theory of the Leisure Class, Thorstein Veblen’s classic sarcastic sociologicaI treatise. I called my take on it:

        Boobie Theory of the Seizure Class
        (from Fernando Po, U.S.A., America’s post-literate retreat to Plato’s Cave)

        The teenage clotheshorse maiden weeps
        Enduring further slights
        The boys won’t line up on the porch
        Or call on Thursday nights
        (The cool-kid-of-the-moment swears:
        “This mother really bites!”)

        The poor don’t fork out princely sums
        Or lay out table fare
        Esteemed by connoisseurs who make
        Of each meal an affair
        So who would dine with those of us
        Who find the cupboard bare?

        As Veblen said, the scholars yearn
        To do their master’s will
        Accustomed to a style of life
        Their incomes can’t fulfill
        And so they gravitate to wealth
        For which they gladly shill

        To motivate the lower class
        To do the filthy deed
        The Pet Press pundit scribes will pen
        A solipsistic screed
        A yellow plaque upon the fangs
        Which makes the gums recede

        The Boobie Seizure Class, it seems,
        On three crude strands depends:
        On emulation, dominance,
        And animism’s blends:
        Assorted spook religions that
        “Explain” why freedom ends

        No toxic cocktail ever brewed
        Can slake the bloody thirst
        Of those who wish to take their bad
        And have us do its worst
        To kill some hapless foreigners
        So that they’ll hate us “first”

        The Pet Press nanny sycophants
        Transcribe the boss’s views
        And put them into their own mouths
        Reporting them like news
        As “sacred” as the hymnals found
        In precinct churches’ pews

        Embedded for a byline they
        Write for the Army’s ease
        A splendid little war they think
        Needs just the proper tease
        “Support the troops” they now intone
        Just do it overseas

        The fanboy tough guys need a shield
        Behind which they can hide
        While jeering at the ones who choose
        Their time awhile to bide
        Refusing to approve a war
        For just the “winning” side

        Yet never has the Yellow Press
        Refused to praise the Lord
        If any chance they saw to add
        To their paymaster’s hoard
        And something for themselves as well
        If they just climb on board

        So tales of daring courage brave
        Must fill the printed page
        Until a mass hysteria
        Is all the roar and rage
        And symbol rulers ascertain
        That brains no thoughts engage

        The Sacred Symbol Soldier thus
        Appears to cloak the greed
        In made-up propaganda tales
        For those who on him feed
        He always wins the battles but
        No one his tale will heed

        The users of this symbol have
        No patriotic creed
        They love him for his usefulness
        But can’t abide his need
        The Symbol Soldier only serves
        When none can see him bleed

        One day his status changes to
        The veteran who knows
        Who won’t tell lies to cover up
        The crime of war that grows
        With each exalted croaking by
        A Seizure Class that crows

        Michael Murry, “The Misfortune Teller,” Copyright © 2006

      • One note, Mike: the expression here is “Support OUR Troops,” the idea being that they and us are one and the same, and that their actions are our actions.

        Of course, the elites have well and truly excluded themselves from any form of service with THE troops. Too busy making money and enjoying life.

      • Bill–Yes, today’s elites are sipping the finest champagnes and gobbling the most expensive caviar…ON THE DECK OF THE TITANIC!! Meanwhile, far below in Steerage, the underclass grows increasingly restless, their real wages stagnant for 20 or more years now. Tragically, the prime outlet they’re being offered right now to let off steam is to support It’s All About Him. Meanwhile, You Know Her declares “She’s Fighting For Us”! (Though I think she just changed her chief slogan to something else.) All the while, hobnobbing with the elites up there on the top deck. Can anyone concoct a work of fiction painting a sadder state of affairs for Americans in 2016? Hello, Stephen King?

      • One of my favorite anecdotes from Hillary’s campaign was her brief use of the term “everyday people” to refer to people like you and me. It seems the campaign came to realize how condescending that sounded. If we’re “everyday people,” what are people like Hillary? I’m sure they think of themselves as “exceptional,” but I have a few other choice adjectives in mind …

  10. Speaking of our self-styled “elites” (or “betters”) — on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean (if not the English Channel, as well) — I have not failed to address them and their Seizure Class antics in verse. Especially in regard to You-Know-Her: the once and future Goldwater Girl and president of the Young Republicans at Wellesley College, otherwise known as the Madam Chiang Kai-Shek finishing school for privileged debutantes. Anyway, just one of my several one-finger salutes to You-Know-Her and her inbred ilk:

    Hothouse Orchids
    (From The Triumph of Strife: an homage to Dante Alighieri and Percy Shelley (lines 239-294)

    So too with all the others of this kind
    Concerned with just themselves and their careers
    Who play at war with only this in mind:

    To entertain the mob and hear its cheers.
    For when they could have served and fought and learned
    They hit the gas instead and shifted gears

    Bypassing lessons better men had earned
    Prolonging thus their adolescent years.
    Yet never having all for which they yearned,

    The corners of their mouths connect their ears,
    So broad their grins in hopes of votes to buy
    Just like the Cheshire cat that disappears

    Behind a smile substantial as a sigh.
    Their empty words live on while soldiers die.

    Like crocodiles they practice crying tears
    Till they can shed them from a single eye:
    An ersatz empathy to mask the fears

    That glassy, shining, saucer eyes belie:
    Their plan to rush ahead and celebrate
    A victory they’ll win when pigs can fly

    Has only turned to mourning now that fate
    Has served us broken eggshells for a meal
    And eaten all the lunch upon our plate

    While leaving them to consummate a deal
    For omelets promised off a menu fake.
    Our soldiers suffer agonies too real

    While those in charge continue on the take
    And “leaders” off the top the profits rake.

    So as our blood and money drain away
    In torrents sinking into desert sands
    She ponders which new pose to strike today

    And urges war on hapless foreign lands
    To demonstrate how chicken hawks can cluck
    While grabbing cash and limply shaking hands

    Oblivious to soldiers vainly stuck
    In quagmires authorized by this vain hack
    Who daily finds new ways to pass the buck.

    With heels worn round from lying on her back
    And lips chapped raw from lying when upright
    She hides from each imagined new attack

    Too weak to wage the peace in her own right
    But always strong for someone else’s fight.

    An image of irresolute intrigue
    She offers up herself somewhere in line.
    No mighty branch but just a slender twig,

    She dithers while our monarch’s friends consign
    Our freedoms to more hot air overblown.
    Obsessed with sewer sailors who malign

    Her party’s past no matter how it shone
    She promises to settle in advance
    For any scrap of meat from off the bone,

    And then proceeds read her true romance:
    A plan for how to satisfy her greed
    While those who perish get no second chance.

    Our frantic warnings she chose not to heed.
    If only we’d decide then she would “lead.”

    Michael Murry, “The Misfortune Teller,” Copyright 2006-2010

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