Is ‘She’ Really the Winner?


b. traven

Facts make me wonder. The Democratic Party in Iowa has yet to release the actual attendance and results of the Caucus votes which “she’ supposedly won. Next the ‘front loading’ of the primaries in the deeply conservative South certainly helped the essentially conservative ‘she’ look like a ‘shoo in.’  Nevada was a bust out with evidence that party bosses had a very big foot on the scale. Considering the very close single digit wins in key states where the Democratic machine was all powerful, close victories for ‘she’ raise questions for curious minds about the “machine effect.”

Then came California, the big Kahuna of states. Also a Democratic Party stronghold. Things were looking  good for Sanders. Most polls in California put him within the margin of error as a “too close to call ” state. Then, lo and behold , before the primary is even held the media declares ‘she’ the ‘presumptive Democratic candidate’ for the presidency. Also on Sanders side was the triple digit increase in new voter registration. Next evening the pundits could hardly wait to declare ‘she’ with a double digit lead of close to 15 points. Deal done. We have the lovable ‘she’ to represent the downtrodden masses in the campaign against the other troglodyte.

I received this note last night from a young woman friend who has  a degree in library science and is a very careful researcher. That’s how she makes her living for the company she works for. Read it and ask yourself if millions of votes have not been counted do we still have a democracy and a “presumptive candidate?”

Traven, have you been following the California primary results? 2.6 million ballots, including my vote-by-mail ballot, have yet to be counted. I looked up the status of my ballot on (my) County’s website and discovered it still has not been processed. My boyfriend’s ballot, which was turned in the same time as mine on Tuesday morning, was apparently lost by the County because there’s no record of it. We’re both permanent, vote-by-mail voters, so it’s not like these were provisional ballots and need additional verification before processing. A lot of Facebook acquaintances have also reported that their vote-by-mail ballots have not been counted yet. It’s a disgrace that Clinton was declared the winner before the end of election night in California.  Jenny

I don’t think I could have said it better. The millions of Sander’s supporters will have a hard time voting for “her” and the manipulation that gave “her”, the elite’s choice, the victory.

5 thoughts on “Is ‘She’ Really the Winner?

  1. Her rival, Bernie Sanders, rightly talks a lot about a “rigged” economy. But that’s not all that’s “rigged.” So too is the Democratic political process. It was rigged to favor Hillary as the most “electable” candidate.

  2. I am just plain disgusted and enraged. Greg Palast wrote a scathing article on the California intention to trash independent voters at the polls and it is no surprise that 2.6 million votes disappeared. NYS also reported 2 million? voters thrown off the rolls, heavily located in Sanders supporting districts. These are not the only 2 States operating a fraudulent voting system. The GOP has been crowing for years about its ability to gerrymander voting districts and get Voter ID laws passed that impact Black voters and older voters in many cases, etc. It had pushed thru the new voting machine fiasco which was embroiled in accusations of votes being manipulated from the manufacturers locations. Amazing technology: very frightening! I recall the organzation Black Box Voting what was tracking this during the Bush years. Have not heard about them for quite some time now.

    We are being forced into accepting this woman of disreputable history for a president in the same way we are mandated to vaccinate our children with toxic drugs that are known, even by the CDC and the mftrs, to cause autism and other autoimmune deficiency diseases. No choice, unless you buy into the propaganda of the system.


  3. It is rigged. In the presidential elections I know something about, all have been Remocrat v. Depublican. Or, if you prefer, Depublican v. Remocrat.

    • Yes, I agree. What bothers me more is the inability of Americans to actually see what is going on right in front of them. We have a group called the Bilderberg where the very select wealthy and chosen few meet to decide how the world will operate according to their egomanical whims. To mention such closed door machinations brings down accusations of conspiracy theorist as if facts don’t matter. In fact they are conspiracies created at the expense of the public. Why else would participants be sworn to secrecy. When Cheney met with fossil fuel magnates behind closed doors to decide energy policy they never revealed their secrets and to this day we have not minutes of that meeting. However, we do know what went on based on what we see: fracking being eliminated from all energy policy and leaving the public running behind the 8 ball to play catch up after so much damage is done. The Big Pharma and Big Chema industries, the same thing. So these fraudulent, certainly not democratic elections were all set up and rigged way back when the Constitution was being written and the ‘important’ people hashed out the wording and how the system could be rigged to maintain the status quo. That is what people should be discussing: how real history has played out and still plagues us today. Perspective, we do need perspective if ever a popular solution is to be created.

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