The Saudi Trojan Horse

The Trojans learned the hard way that a "gift horse" is not always a gift (Wiki)

The Trojans learned the hard way that a “gift horse” is not always a gift (Wiki)

b. traven

The Independent of Britain has a headline in today’s paper that we just couldn’t pass up: “Saudi Arabia offers Germany 200 mosques – one for every 100 refugees who arrived last weekend.”

Reading that headline and the accompanying story generated a large guffaw, what today’s generation terms a LOL moment. We look forward in high anticipation to the United States and its European allies bending over backwards to thank the Saudis for their generosity in building these Trojan horses mosques to train future Wahhabi jihadists* in the heart of Europe.

I must assume the Saudi royal house is well versed in the history of the Trojan wars. Surely the Saudis after funding the jihadists that created this human tragedy in the Middle East and Europe have made this offer to the West out of the kindness of their hearts and remorse over what their money has done in both Syria and Iraq.  Right? With friends like this we really don’t need any enemies.

“Beware of Greeks Saudis bearing gifts” – indeed, speaking of gifts, if the Saudis are so determined to help Muslim refugees, why don’t they open their palace doors to them?  Why don’t they build 200 new mosques in Saudi Arabia?  Charity, after all, begins at home.  It’s also one of the five pillars of Islam.

There’s an old saying, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”  But in this case it would be exceedingly wise to look over the Saudi Trojan horse very closely, for not all gift horses are the same.  Just ask the Trojans.

* Saudi money has funded mosques in Pakistan that support and train jihadists for violent actions in Afghanistan.

7 thoughts on “The Saudi Trojan Horse

  1. We might also add that the Saudi offer, on its own, will tend to destabilize European countries by giving the strong right wing movements in Europe more ammunition to incite against Moslem immigrants. Shades of Donald Trump.

    • A capture of what I found on a visit to Albania in 1995. Everywhere the sad construction-evidence of decades under the most oppressive communism in Iron Curtain Europe – except newly and well constructed mosques.

      When i asked my escort for an explanation his answer was simple: “The Saudis built them.”

      The ignored heart of Jihad.

  2. The Saudis have been planting these Trojan Horses all over the planet for the past 40 years. We should go take Eastern Province and send the rest of the camel thieves back to the desert.

  3. It is little noted that Islam is more than a religion, it is a way of life with its own laws so it also the basis of government based on its teachings and precepts which may well conflict with laws in the Constitution of the United States.

    • Yes Henry.. Life and laws in the Gulf State monarchies haven’t changed much since Mohammad lived over 1400 years ago.. Only a Saudi King could be so arrogant and out of touch as to offer Europe 200 mosques as “aid” to the desperate and traumatized hordes escaping from the hell hole he and his compatriots helped to create. And let us not forget our government with the same arrogance and lack of remorse for our contribution to the tragedy offer ing a measly 10,000 refugees asylumn”next year” when Germany offers half a million Syrian refugees asylum today.
      My! I can only reflect on how the worm has turned. I spent my youth in a war with the Germans who, at that time murdered millions, among them my aunt and two young nephews. and today they offer solace to hundreds of thousands of forlorn humanity while we niggardly haggle over a few thousand.

  4. Now, now, we are NOT forgetting Zbig’s Grand Strategy vis-a-vis all those jihadists being trained in Pakistan in order to give USSR their own Vietnam, are we ?

  5. I see statements here that are rankling me but I’ll try to stay under control. When a County Clerk in Kentucky declared her ever so deeply held religious convictions prevented her from issuing marriage licenses, this was a prime example of “religion” guiding a person’s whole approach to living; hardly a monopoly of Islam. (The use of quotation marks in that statement is an ever so sly hint that not-so-good-old-fashioned BIGOTRY just might be the real motivating factor in that affair: fear and hatred toward a phenomenon the hater doesn’t understand and has been raised to reject without intellectual reflection; emotion over reason. Religion in a nutshell!) And here are two things that are lacking: 1.) placing responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the USA for utterly destabilizing a whole region of the world. The center did not hold when US bombs fell on Iraq, unleashing the anarchy that gave an opening to the extremists whose presence is blamed on Saudi Arabia here (i.e. in original post); and 2.) the role of The Kingdom (of Saudi Arabia), under guidance of and with assistance from USA, in burying Yemen under an avalanche of bombs. Now that the floodgates have opened and we’re seeing this remarkable wave of refugees fleeing to Europe, surely some of them will prove to have come from Yemen.

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