Journalism As “Terrorism”: Would the British Government Do This Without Obama’s Approval?

David Miranda and Glenn Greenwald: "Terrorists"?

David Miranda and Glenn Greenwald: “Terrorists”?

b. traven

Breaking News.  This one is hard to believe: A Brazilian traveler, David Miranda, transiting London’s Heathrow Airport from a European flight to catch his flight to Rio de Janeiro is accused of “terrorism” because he has encrypted data related to Edward Snowden on his computer. In my opinion this is the opening gun from the Obama administration to “get” Glenn Greenwald, one of the chief reporters working with Snowden. In my humble opinion Her Majesty’s government would not have taken this step without the full participation of the Obama administration.  If there is no big outcry, I predict the U.S. government will shortly try to indict Greenwald himself as a “terrorist.”

This is a major attack on free speech, a free press, and free news gathering and shows the extent to which this administration will go to suppress any questioning of their illegal spying activities.  An interesting blowback could develop though since Miranda (Greenwald’s partner) is a Brazilian citizen and the President of Brazil is one of the world leaders who, like Angela Merkel of Germany, is mad as hell at the U.S. for spying on them personally.  She just may make this a cause célèbre in South America and throughout the world. She would have plenty of company.

This is yet another “left-footed” act of hubris that will create more problems than the U.S. military-security complex expects. In this sense it is similar to this week’s drone assassination of the Pakistani Taliban leader on the eve the Pakistani government’s move to open peace talks with him. Those efforts at peace are now lying in the grave with him, much to the Pakistani government’s chagrin.

Journalism is now “terrorism” and peace-feelers end in assassination.  Such is the sordid reality of the actions approved by our Nobel Peace Prize-winning President.

5 thoughts on “Journalism As “Terrorism”: Would the British Government Do This Without Obama’s Approval?

  1. Yes, this is part of Obama’s warm embrace of his predecessor administration’s policies. Meanwhile, having created a monstrous new agency, the “Department of Homeland Security,” busy work must be found to keep its employees…well, doing SOMEthing! Have you rented or bought a DVD lately? If so, did you notice that DHS is now authorized to accompany FBI Agents to break down your door and cart you away for copyright violation? And this just in, courtesy of local TV newscast in my neck of the woods: New Haven (CT) Police Dept. raided a flea market today, searching for knockoffs of brand name merchandise. Guess who accompanied the regular cops? That’s right, Agents of DHS!! Gee, I feel so much more secure now, knowing that these brave Federal employees swept some counterfeit goods off the sidewalks of New Haven!!

    • Yes, it’s scary. We’ve created a huge security apparatus, an apparatus that will most certainly find jobs to do to justify its continued funding. At least the DoD largely looked for enemies without. Now the DHS (and NSA) is looking aggressively for enemies within.

      “The Lives of Others” is an excellent film that shows what happens when internal security agencies look for the enemies within. Say goodbye to freedom of speech, the press, assembly, and privacy. You can still go shopping and to Disney, however.

      Sacrificing essential liberties for the illusion of temporary safety: Well, Ben Franklin said in that case we deserve neither liberty nor safety. Hard to disagree.

  2. The ‘blowback” has already started with Germany and Brazil co-sponsoring a resolution in the U. N. to limit “states” ( guess who?) from spying on other countries. And in Germany there is a rising pressure from prominent figures and the public to give Snowden asylum.
    Of course Sen. Diane Feinstein has come out against any amnesty for Snowden. She’s the NSA’s chick supporter on the Senate Intelligence Committee. There isn’t a thing the NSA does that she has ever objected to. Any comments she has made recently to the contrary are just grandstanding to appear outraged. Beware the Trojan horse. .

    • Advice to Ed Snowden: Do NOT trust the German government to not turn you over to U.S.!!! I hear there’s a colony of American artist types growing in Ecuador. I’m sure the scenery is spectacular, and the climate generally more pleasant than Germany’s. As for Sen. Feinstein, yeah, she’s really moved to the right in recent years. And Chuck Schumer? Ditto, but now he endorses Hillary for 2016!! Is he trying to force her to officially confirm what we all strongly believe she plans to do? Geez, Chuck, give the lady her space!

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