Droning ON… America


Anyone for machine gun practice?

Peter van Buren

Protocols exist allowing the president to select American citizens, without a whit of due process, for drone killing.

Only overseas, Obama says, but you can almost see the fingers crossed behind his back. Wouldn’t an awful lot of well-meaning Americans have supported an aerial drone killing in San Bernardino, or at the Pulse club in Orlando? Didn’t many support using a robot to blow up a suspect in Dallas?

How soon before armed drones are over our heads?

Time Now.

North Dakota just legalized its police departments to equip drones with Tasers, tear gas and rubber bullets. The state legislature will push for the removal of the non-lethal force provision in 2017.

House Bill 1328 went into effect August 1. The original piece of legislation sought to ensure police obtained a search warrant to use a drone to gather criminal evidence. However, when a lobbyist with police ties was allowed to amend the bill, it was rewritten to specify that drones could carry anything except (’til next year) weapons capable of lethal force.

Of course plenty of people have died at the hands of police using so-called non-lethal weapons, Tasers in particular. But even if that is not a concern, just wait until 2017, when the police will be able to fly weaponized drones.

Over America.  Or is it: Over, America?

This post originally appeared on Peter’s We Meant Well blog.  With 20+ years of experience in the State Department, Peter has an insider’s knowledge of the mechanisms of the US Government.  Though ousted from State because he had the temerity to share his unfiltered observations after a tour in Iraq, Peter is unbowed and continues to help us understand the dangers and absurdities of the modern state.

4 thoughts on “Droning ON… America

  1. I recently purchased the original (1987) “Robocop” after debating for years whether it merited a place in my movie library. Recent events have shown this bit of fiction to be remarkably prescient. Can there be the least doubt that the now heavily-militarized police in this country are salivating over the prospect of “taking down” designated bad guys without putting themselves in the least in harm’s way? The boy and girl geniuses at DARPA have been working feverishly on robots for years now, and we can bet that use of killing machines won’t be limited to “over there,” on foreign soil. And unlike the fictional Robocop–“The Future of Law Enforcement for Decades to Come,” as the parent corporation boasted in the movie–these machines will not be troubled by memories of personal trauma or, more crucially, a conscience.

  2. I hope today’s Nobel Prize winner doesn’t sue me:

    “Well, they’ll drone you when you’re trying to be so good
    They’ll drone you just like they said they would
    They’ll drone you when you’re trying to go home
    Then they’ll drone you when you’re there all alone

    But I would not feel so all alone
    Everybody must get droned.”

    And so it goes…
    Be well.

    • Or, as America’s drone-murderer in chief — a man with impeccable family values — “jokingly” threatened the Jonas Brothers should they dare to harbor improper thoughts about his daughters:

      “I’ve got two words for you: ‘Predator Drone.’ You’ll never see it coming.”

      Next thing you know, President Obama will start looking under his desk for those rumored Iraqi WMD, like his predecessor Deputy Dubya Bush. Do these U.S. Commander’s-in-Brief just crack you up, or what?

      • But wait, it just got better!! The CIA has a “super-secret” op ramping up to cyber-attack and embarrass Pres. Putin, with hundreds (!) of cyber-wizards working on it. And it’s so “super-secret” that NBC Evening News just revealed the existence of the program, courtesy of a briefing from the CIA itself!! Donald Trump can, and should, make hay with this extreme super-cyber-silliness!!!

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