The Republican Debate: Attack of the Clones!

W.J. Astore

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s one:


From left to right, we have Kasich, Fiorina, Rubio, Carson, Trump, Cruz, Jeb!, Christie, and Paul.

Look closely.  Rubio, Trump, Cruz, Jeb!, Christie, and Paul are following the standard sartorial script for “conservative” politicians: dark suits, red power ties, flag lapel pins.  Obedient to their image consultants, they are conforming to the notion that one can appear confident and patriotic just by donning that red tie and flag pin.  In the spirit of the “Star Wars” season, let’s call this the “Attack of the Clones.”

Then you have Fiorina.  She upstages the men with a power red suit, complete with an ostentatious cross to assure viewers that she’s not just a kickass former CEO: She’s a kickass Christian CEO.

Fiorina Rubio

Then we have Dr. Ben Carson.  Yes, he has the (nearly) obligatory flag lapel pin, but kudos to him for wearing a smart blue tie with white polka dots.  His tie is much like the way the candidate speaks: calm and measured.  (The content of his speech is often a different story.)


Finally we have John Kasich.  A soft blue tie and no flag lapel pin.  Why do you hate America, Governor Kasich?


Well, if I had to vote for a Republican based purely on optics, I’d go for Kasich.  Imagine a Republican candidate brave enough not to wear a power red tie and a flag lapel pin.  With no Christian crosses in sight.

Perhaps Kasich actually wants to be judged by his words and deeds?






8 thoughts on “The Republican Debate: Attack of the Clones!

  1. It’s never discouraging to see any public figure defy orthodoxy. Kasich’s words & deeds while an office holder, though, align him right (hee hee, Right, get it?) alongside the rest of that abysmal bunch of GOP presidential candidates. If not for the dismantling of Fairness in Broadcasting Doctrine and the 2006 Telecommunications Act New Democrat Bill Clinton did not veto, I wonder if any of these clowns would persist with any of the absurdities which comprise their campaign speeches for longer than a week or two.

  2. As good as it gets, pure Clones (clowns), and no distracting Tattoos to get in the way of their Messages. Brings tears to the eyes. Embarassing… Ah well Love, Peace.Pray for our Troops in this Holiday season!.

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  4. You get the impression that a lot of these guys got beat up in school. But the game on that stage was Talking Alpha — and there really is no rational ceiling for that kind of chatter. Promising to “bomb them back to the Stone Age” for example (I’m old enough to remember General LeMay actually saying that).

    The competition was to advertise which one has The Biggest Dick, and — once that starts — there’s not much scope for discussion.

    My own preference would be Ted Cruz for President. After his landslide defeat I would hope that discussions on the theme of the 2016 candidate “not being conservative enough” would die down — since Cruz is basically Wahhabist in his beliefs. But I also want to see the voters of America reacting to a man who who claims to believe that we have reached The End of Times, on the verge of the final battle in the Valley of Megiddo, and then — in the next breath — asks us to give him the codes to launch nuclear missiles.

    I think that might be enough to get likely voters to stop watching cat videos on their phones and truly understand some of what’s going on right now.

  5. Very droll observations, Astore, and good Comments so far, guys! Yes, they say “Image is everything” these days. Visual advertising goes back a long, long way of course. Kasich’s missing flag pin may have been a simple slip-up; he may have dashed from Green Room to the stage before his dresser could affix it. We know he was NOT making a conscious statement against the notion that wearing those damned things is considered mandatory (for any serious Dem candidate these days, too, in the post-9/11 world–wait, does that mean Bernie isn’t serious?!?). And yes, I noticed Ms. Fiorina’s prominent cross. But I think–again, my TV is not up to current snuff for video resolution–the lapel pins with the US flag side by side with a cross may have been absent! Is it possible that those candidates, like Carson, who’d been sporting them came under criticism for that and responded?? That would be kind of remarkable. Can Jeb! really be at 3% in the polls, as Trump declared in a snide putdown? If that’s true, and he gets to stand on stage in the Big Boys (+ Token Gal) “Debate,” then what are the poll standings of those remaining (alleged!) candidates who had to do the Little Kids version earlier in the day? A fraction of one percent?!? This is too, too absurd, folks.

  6. If you judge Kasich on his words and deeds, he’s down there with the rest of them. There isn’t one of these morons who should be on the same planet with the “levers of power.”

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