Four Seeds for Thought


The staff of The Contrary Perspective would like to plant the following seeds for your consideration.

Seed 1.

A respected former Republican Senator from New Hampshire, Gordon Humphrey, recently came out publicly in full support of Edward Snowden’s actions. Snowden issued a thoughtful response that showed that his understanding of the political and technical implications of his actions is far beyond how his detractors have painted him.

The Contrarian asks if this may be the “cover” that Putin needs to grant Snowden temporary asylum in Russia.

Seed 2.

Has Russ Feingold, one of the darlings of the liberal class, finally shown his true colors by accepting Obama’s appointment as a special representative for American policy in Central Africa?  What exactly is the “policy” that Feingold is representing?  It seems that it is based on a belated awareness by the Obama administration that China has gotten to the region first in exploiting Africa’s vast resources of oil, rare metals, land, and markets. While the Chinese focus on markets, the U.S. focuses on the terror market, setting up for the first time an American military Africa Command with the usual bases, drone strikes, and related militarized agendas.

The Contrarian asks if Feingold’s mission really is to help secure Central Africa for the U.S. empire rather than to secure peace and encourage independent democracy.

Seed 3.

Why are the editors and gatekeepers of left and liberal blogs and web sites fearful of referencing U.S. domestic repressive actions as fascism-lite?  Acts like the wiretapping of all citizens and journalists?  Attacks on whistleblowers (Manning, Snowden) as treasonous “aiders” of the enemy?  The militarization of local police forces, the passing of laws to limit free speech in community spaces, the arrest of people in peaceful protest demonstrations?  Why are these and similar repressive government actions not linked to the rise of fascism in Europe in the 1920s and 1930s?  The failure of the West to react to similar signs of repression of domestic freedoms ended up with Italy and Germany seeking world power via military conquest.

The Contrarian asks: Are historical comparisons to fascism valid?  Or are they too overheated and inflammatory for the delicate tastes of American liberals?

Seed 4.

Does this sound like a desirable credential for an individual to run higher education for the largest college system in the U.S. (the university system in California)?

“as a former Attorney General and U.S. Attorney in Arizona she has a stellar background in law enforcement.”

We refer, of course, to Janet Napolitano, formerly chief of Homeland Security.

Another news article indicated that the job Napolitano truly coveted was not in higher ed but in higher law enforcement: Eric Holder’s position as U.S. Attorney General.  Ultimately, she appears to be angling for appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court.

So what will California get with Janet Napolitano as head of the UC system?  Will they get a dedicated expert in higher ed who believes in civic virtue and informed dissent?  Or will they get a part-time government insider who believes in repressive administration policies that are consistent with a corporate state?  Someone who’s treading water until a better job comes along?  (More on this “seed” in a coming article.)

The Contrarian welcomes your comments on these four “seeds” that we’ve planted.

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