If We’re Fooled Again, Shame On Us! With Security Alerts, Obama Channels Bush Yet Again

It's time for the American public to stop playing the fool

It’s time for the American public to stop playing the fool

b. traven

Even Dubya couldn’t get it right.  Remember when George W. Bush was fooling us every few weeks with his color-coded “Red” and “Orange” security alerts?  They didn’t scare the terrorists, but they did frighten most Americans into accepting another of his assaults against our constitutional rights.

Now we see Obama trying the same gambit.  Unlike Bush, Obama actually knows the saying goes, “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”  How come the American media hasn’t learned the meaning of that saying?

The latest big announcement from our vaunted intelligence services (who are under attack for illegally violating our privacy) is that a “massive” attack is being planned against us and CHATTER is telling us so. Our sycophantic media has greeted this announcement as though the Red and Orange alerts issued during the Bush presidency had never occurred and were not subsequently discredited as phony by his own director of “Homeland Security” who issued them.

It’s a simple matter of connecting dots. The National Security Agency (NSA) just barely got re-funded by a handful of votes in Congress because of opposition to its infringement of our Fourth Amendment right to privacy.  What better way to show how much we need to keep surrendering our privacy (and keep funding the NSA) than to scare the hell out of the citizenry by declaring they have “chatter evidence” of a “huge” terrorist attack.  Other than this vague “chatter,” the NSA claims to have no other knowledge of who, where, when, and how.  So our government shuts down embassies in a dozen countries to convince us that the threat is “real.”

But the reality is that it’s just business as usual.  Their MO is obvious: Scare the people, get them meekly to surrender their rights, and keep the money flowing to our vast military-industrial-intelligence-homeland security complex, all in the name of “keeping us safe.”  Fooled again – and if so, shame on you.

Think about it.  What happens in Mauritius or Yemen is not a direct threat to citizens in the USA.  And if there were credible threats of clear and present danger, wouldn’t it be prudent to keep quiet about our foreknowledge, rather than crowing like roosters greeting the morning sun?



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